The bride episode 1

The bride 1

Nneka was a beautiful girl in her mid twenties. She was born into a very
rich family of five children; three males and two females. She was the
first daughter and the third child. Beauty was their family’s natural
heritage and all the children born into the family inherited it. Their
beauty was beyond average and even at that, Nneka was the most beautiful
among the beautiful siblings. She was average in height and possessed the
right sizes of the features that distinguish females from males. Her
chocolate complexion and bulky eyes made her facial beauty more pronounced.
When she smiled, her superb dental arrangement and the dimples that
appeared on both of her cheeks were a pleasant sight to behold. Her beauty
was so irresistible that while she was still in secondary school, suitors
trooped in to seek for her hand in marriage. But her parents who insisted
that no child of theirs would go into marriage without having a university
education practically chased the suitors away.

While she was in the university, many of her lecturers had made advances at
her. Some of the unmarried ones had asked her to marry them but she
politely turned down their proposals. If not that her beauty came with
great academic intelligence which made her known as one of the best
students in her department, some of these lecturers whose proposals she’d
turned down would have forced her into giving in to their demands using her
results as baits. But her academic performance had resonant echoes all over
her department. Any irregularities in her results would have prompted an
investigation. They let her be and hoped opportunities would come for them
to achieve their aims. That never happened.

When Nneka graduated from the University, she was posted to a state in the
western region of the country for her one year national youth service.
There, she met Kunle, the love of her life. Kunle was a computer engineer
who worked in the firm where Nneka was posted for her primary assignment.
Their connection was swift and spontaneous. It didn’t take any formal
approach from Kunle nor the play of ‘hard to get’ from Nneka for them to
start off a relationship. They just found themselves being drawn to each
other by that natural force called Love. Within a few months, their
relationship blossomed into something beautiful and pure.

The first time Kunle took Nneka to his parents’ house, she was warmly
welcomed. The charming aura of her personality diffused into the atmosphere
and everyone seemed to be induced by it. They were all happy. Kunle was
surprised when his mother’s countenance didn’t change when he disclosed
that Nneka was from the Igbo tribe. His mother had constantly warned him
never to marry from any other tribe except theirs (Kunle’s family’s). But
on meeting Nneka, the story changed. She (Kunle’s mother) rather started
advising him to hasten things before Nneka would change her mind. Whenever
she said that, Kunle would laugh out loudly.

Sadly, eight months into the national youth service, Nneka’s father died.
His death dealt a heavy blow on the entire family. Nneka was the most hit
because she was her father’s favorite. During this period of mourning,
Kunle provided tremendous support to Nneka and her family. He tried his
best in filling up the vacuum Nneka’s father’s demise created in her life.
As time went on, normalcy gradually returned in her life and she moved on.
A few months after Nneka completed her national youth service, the two love
birds decided to tie the knot.

A date was fixed and they started making arrangements concerning the
traditional legalization of their union. Being an inter-tribal marriage,
the arrangements were not the regular ones. Many things were debated on by
both families before consensions were reached. Also, Kunle, the groom was
tutored on what to do, how to do them and when to do them on the day of the
traditional wedding. It was indeed a hectic period for the couple and their
families. But in all, the two individuals who were about to consolidate
their union were very excited about everything. Love they say conquers all
and theirs conquered the stress they went through in making their special
day a memorable one.

Finally the D-day came. The excitement in Nneka’s family compound was
electrifying. Their first daughter was getting married. Varieties of food
had been prepared by the women. The disc jockey was playing some beautiful
music. Nneka’s uncle who stood in for her father and her kinsmen had long
gathered. They were drinking some palm wine while they waited for the
arrival of their in-laws. Some guests and villagers had also gathered in
wait for the commencement of the occasion. A little after mid day, Kunle
and his people arrived in their colorful attires. They came carrying the
items stipulated in the marriage list given to them by Nneka’s people. Not
long after their arrival, the occasion started. Smoothly, the occasion
proceeded until it was time for the bride to come and great her would be

The ‘asoebi’ girls had lined up as they’d rehearsed and were waiting for
Nneka, the bride to come and join the train. While they stood and waited,
they heard the sounds of clattering objects inside the house. Before they
could realize what was happening, Nneka ran out in the open where the
guests, her family and her would be in-laws were. She was naked except for
the thong which covered her genitals. Her bare plump breasts were bouncing
as she displayed a show of insanity. She had gone made on her traditional
wedding day.

What happened next?
Find out!!!


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